J.K. Persy. Authors of Codename: Chimera

We are Jake and Kate Persy - young writers and happy couple. We love travelling, going in for sport, reading books. Our motto is The best moment to be happy is right now!

Codename: Chimera. Description and book cover


A famous millionaire dies under mysterious circumstances in the Brooklyn ghetto. What it was that made him go to such a dangerous place at night remains a mystery. The only clue is a book, Mythical Creatures of Ancient Greece, left on his body and opened at a page on Chimera. Private detective Kevin Kris takes on the case, helped by Penny, his trusty assistant, and Michael, his best friend. They soon uncover a chain of bloody events shrouded in mystery from the past. Little by little the private detective and his friends discover the real truth hidden by the Man With No Face. 


Source: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/333325